Peppermint Leaves




Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint Leaves come from a perennial herb which are dried for long term storage. They have a strong pungent, cool, flavor. They have been used for cooking, making into a tea and medicinal purposes for over 3000 years.

The best peppermint is grown in the United States, mostly in Washington and Oregon. It is also grown in other states, but the best is still for the Northwestern states, where the oil content is the highest.

Peppermint is steeped as a tea, which is drank to help with digestion, nausea, gas pains and to help with breath issues. It is also added to green, black and herbal teas to add its minty flavor.

Peppermint leaves are used as a cooking herb in salads and other dishes throughout the Mediterranean region. It is also used in ice creams, liquors, candies and essential oils and extracts.

If you are fan of Peppermint teas, we have a Mint Black Tea, Chocolate Mint Black Tea, Chamomile Mint Tea, as well as a Moroccan Mint Green Tea.  If you lean towards Spearmint, we also carry Spearmint Leaves, as well as several teas, which we blend with spearmint.  They include our own Nirvana Tea and Peaceful Sundown.

Contains: Peppermint Leaves

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