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Apple Cider Mill – Rick’s Tea Face

Apple Cider Mill - Ricks Tea Face Iced
Apple Cider Mill – Ricks Tea Face Iced
apple cider mill
Apple Cider Mill

Apple Cider Mill – Rick’s Tea Face

Yes, it is frozen. What is it? Ever have frozen Spiced Apple Cider? NO? Then you are missing a treat. I’m enjoying a slushy cup of our Apple Cider Mill Tea. Of course it’s a great tea hot as well. Once a tea we only carried in the Fall and Winter Seasons, we’ve carried it all year for a couple years now. This herbal tea has a delicious apple base accented with notes of cinnamon, almonds, star anise and other great flavors.  Take a look.  Click HERE.

Opening a bag of Apple Cider Mill Tea is like walking into a cider mill when they pressing a batch of fresh, ripe, juicy, sweet apples. The apple cider aroma is just the prologue to the taste awaiting you. Now think of the cinnamon spiced scent of the mill while they are making fresh doughnuts to enjoy with a cup of cider. Getting it?

Now, think of how all these scent would taste in a cup. That’s what you have in a cup of Apple Cider Mill Tea. Ice it down and that’s what I’m drinking. I put my cup in the freezer for a hour or so, stirred it a couple of times until it turns slushy and there you have it. You might want to make a pitcher since once glass is never enough. I should know. I should have made a pitcher.

If you are a fan of apples, spiced tea, cinnamon flavors or any combination, then you really need to pick up some of our Apple Cider Mill Tea