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Berry Squared – Rick’s Tea Face

Berry Squared Rick's Tea Face
Berry Squared – Rick’s Tea Face 01/25/2022
berry2 berry squared tea
Berry Squared Tea

Berry Squared – Rick’s Tea Face

This is another of my January comfort teas, as I started to tell you about last week. January is a month where Cheryl and I have lost too many friends and relatives over the last few years. So we turn to our favorite teas to sip while sharing thoughts and memories. These are teas which taste exceptionally good to us, and some evoke memories of our loved ones. They allow us to reminisce, while the tea….just tastes good.

This tea is our Berry Squared Herbal tea. The huge berry flavor also has the tartness of hibiscus and a base of healthy elderberries. Fantastic iced as well. It’s also a caffeine-free herbal tea, so we can sip it in the evening while we relax and talk.

I lost another friend last week, who I hadn’t seen in years, but spoke with several times in recent months. The stories I told Cheryl reached back to my mid-teens, so this friend took an entire cup of tea himself.

You probably have a tea, another drink, or a favorite food to eat when you retreat into your memories with friends and family while sharing these precious memories. We laugh, we cry, we smile, but most important, we remember and honor those we’ve lost. So if you like fruity herbal teas, and need another tea to add to your comfort tea list, then take a look at our Berry Squared Tea. Please click HERE.