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Bitter Lemonade Iced Tea – Rick’s Tea Face – 04/20/2022

Bitter Lemonade-Rick's Tea Face 04-20-2022
Bitter Lemonade-Rick’s Tea Face
bitter lemonade
Bitter Lemonade

Bitter Lemonade Iced Tea – Rick’s Tea Face – 04/20/2022

Our lemon-flavored teas are so popular, whether they are herbal, green, or white. Our Bitter Lemonade is an herbal tea, and if you didn’t know it was a tea, you’d be asking for the recipe for the best lemonade you’ve ever sipped. But it’s an herbal tea with a massive lemon flavor. All of you fans know of what I’m speaking, and if you’ve not sipped it, why not?

Our Bitter Lemonade Tea has built a huge fan base since we introduced it several years ago. Our friends love it both hot and iced. Right now as it’s getting hot outside, I drink it iced…and mass quantities of it. I add a touch of sweetener to bring out the lemon flavors even more.

Here’s another idea…make some Bitter Lemonade ice cubes and float them in other drinks. They will add an extra flavor as they melt and not dilute the drink.

You’ll need a steeper to make your tea.  Check out our Pincer Ball Tea Infusers.  They come in several sizes.  Click HERE.

If you still need more information to convince you to pick some up, please click HERE.  So what are you waiting for? You new favorite iced tea is awaiting your visit online or in our store. Cheers!