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Bitter Lemonade Iced Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

Bitter Lemonade Iced Tea Rick's Tea Face
Bitter Lemonade Iced Tea Rick’s Tea Face
bitter lemonade
Bitter Lemonade

Bitter Lemonade Iced Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

This is my 4th Iced Tea Slushie I’m showing you. This one could be the best one yet. It’s our Bitter Lemonade Iced Tea. The name is deceiving since it’s only on the sour side if you don’t sweeten it, but all lemonades are. Super-iced down, and sweetened, and you have a lemon flavored herbal tea that is better than any lemonade you’ve ever had. For more information about Bitter Lemonade, please click HERE.

Our blender uses lemon, lemon and more lemon, in several forms to give you that massive lemon flavor. They use other fruits to enhance the lemon, as if it needs it, but they do and it works.

Bitter Lemonade has been very popular since we brought it out several years ago. Hot or iced, the lemony flavor can’t be beat. So, taste what the fuss is all about. Summer is here, the temperature is skyrocketing and you’re thirsty. This one tea you seriously need to keep a large bag on hand when you need to slake your thirst. Cheers!