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Black Currant Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

Black Currant - Rick's Tea Face
Black Currant – Rick’s Tea Face
black currant tea
Black Currant Tea

Black Currant Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

I’m not using a clear cup this week, so what you can’t see is that I’m drinking our Black Currant Tea. When I’ve posted about Black Currant Tea in the past, I am usually reflecting on my British family, and how currants were a part of my grandmother’s and mother’s baking. I always looked forward to the berry-raisin flavor in tarts, cookies, fruit cakes and other pastries, especially in their mincemeat tarts. Since we introduced Black Currant years ago, it has continued to grow in popularity. Some of our friends also grew up with the flavor, while others just tried it and got hooked.

Our blender has captured the sweet berry flavor of the currant. It takes its place along side our other berry flavors, like blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, huckleberry and others, and that’s just a few of our black teas. We have many more berry-flavored herbal, green and other teas. Fruity flavors have always been popular and with so many varieties, you have many from which to choose, and find one or more for your tea pantry.

If you already sip our Black Currant Tea, then you know what I’m talking about. But if you have not had the sipping pleasure yet, then give it a try, even if fruity teas might not be your favorite. To me, currants are different enough, you might get hooked. If you need more information and some historical background, then please click HERE.