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Castleton Darjeeling – Rick’s Tea Face 09/20/2022

Castleton Darjeeling - Rick's Tea Face 09-20-2022
Castleton Darjeeling
castleton darjeeling
Castleton Darjeeling

Castleton Darjeeling – Rick’s Tea Face 09/20/2022

I guess I’m still in a Royal mindset, as I’m drinking a cup of our Castleton Darjeeling Tea tonight. Darjeeling was one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite teas, albeit behind Earl Grey, but still one she would sip on occasion. I sipped a lot of tea while watching as much of her funeral as possible. The traditions, the rituals, the crowds, the adoration of the throngs who came out to say their final goodbyes. If we were over there, we would have waited in the long line as it was the turning of a page in a chapter of history.

With respect to my Castleton Darjeeling, the flavor is a throwback to the teas we grew up with. When we would open a new tin of tea, or once teabags caught on, opening a new box of teabags, the fresh, heady aroma of the tea would first catch our senses. Much of the tea we drank was Darjeeling. The coppery color is so distinctive, and the flavor and scent are what we call bright. A Darjeeling tea has a very smooth flavor, with Castleton being one of the best.

Planted in 1885 by Dr. Charles Graham, the Castleton Tea Estate produces one of the finest Darjeeling teas. The name of the estate, reflects the castle characteristics of a building near the tea garden.  And its Castleton Darjeeling reflects its heritage and reputation.

If you have not sipped a Darjeeling, then you are missing a truly delightful experience. So, why not stop by and pick some up. If you still want more information, please click HERE. No, I must excuse myself and finish my cup while I end the day. Cheers!

By the way, you’ll need an infuser for your steeping, so take a look at our Pincer Ball Tea Infusers.  They come in several sizes for your many sizes of tea cups.  Check them out HERE.