Recipes from all around the world. Countries, regions, cultures and Western adaptions of recipes by Sheffield Spice & Tea Co.

Sauteed Carrots with Lemon and Marjoram

Sauteed Carrots with Lemon and Marjoram Springtime means Spring Vegetables. Carrots are one such vegetable, especially if you use early baby carrots. The sauteed carrots with lemon with marjoram and other herbs plus a touch of sugar combine to give you a fresh, pan-roasted flavor.   It makes a wonderful accompaniment to your main dish, whether […]

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Grilled Skirt Steaks with Chimichurri Sauce

Grilled Skirt Steaks with Chimichurri Sauce Our Grilled Skirt Steaks with Chimichurri Sauce will become a favorite recipe of yours.  It is easy, yet has a great flavor.  The Chimichurri Sauce is also easy to blend.  Together, the grilled skirt steak and Chimichurri are a great flavor combination.  If you want an extra special dish, […]

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sheffield chili with beans

Sheffield Chili with Beans

Sheffield Chili with Beans There are more chili recipes than grains of sand on a beach, and we like many ourselves.  We especially like our own Sheffield Chili with Beans recipe because it is simple to make.  It also has a great flavor which you can adjust by using different chile powders.  We change up […]

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Creole Jambalaya

Creole Jambalaya There are subtle differences between Cajun and Creole food. Some are who is doing the cooking, the cultural influences, both of which have French roots and whether it’s considered “City” or “Country” cooking. We’d rather not create a fracas, so suffice to say that our Creole Seasoning can be used with either Creole […]

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