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Cherry Almond Black Tea – Rick’s Tea Face 07/05/2022

Cherry Almond Black Tea - Rick's Tea Face 07-05-2022
Cherry Almond Black Tea – Rick’s Tea Face
cherry almond tea
Cherry Almond Black Tea

Cherry Almond Black Tea – Rick’s Tea Face 07/05/2022

Even when it’s hot outside, we still drink mostly tea hot. And today I needed a cup of Cherry Almond Tea. Cherry Almond Black Tea is a special tea for me. Both flavors are throwbacks to flavors growing up. My mother baked many items using almonds, and cherries were plentiful during the Summer in pies, tarts and fruit salads. My grandmother also baked many British cookies, tarts and other goodies using almonds and cherries.

It’s also a flavor of an extraordinary tea we brought back from Paris before we opened our store. It took over 8 years to find a tea of comparable flavor, and this Cherry Almond is the tea which seemed to show up out of nowhere. The scent is very heady and the taste is extraordinary. It has become one of our top-selling teas after only a couple mentions in our newsletter. Our friends see the name, give it a try and it becomes an instant favorite.

Cherries and almonds have long histories in many countries throughout the world. They are used together in France in July for their Bastille Day celebration to make a Cherry Almond Clafoutis, which is a pastry-like dessert. We have a recipe for a version on our website.

Cherries have a historical place in Japan as well. We have a Japanese Cherry Tea, as well as a Japanese Cherry Rose Green Tea and a Rooibos version.

You also find cherries and almonds in many other European and Scandinavian recipes. The flavors by themselves and in combination can’t be beat. They blend so well together.

If you like either flavor, then you owe it to yourself to at least check out this extraordinary tea. If you like them both, then this tea will own you in one sip.

For more information and even more stories about the cherry and almond flavors around the world, please click HERE.

Well, back to my tea and digestives. Cheers!