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Chestnut Grove Black Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

Chestnut Grove - Rick's Tea Face
Chestnut Grove
chestnut grove tea
Chestnut Grove

Chestnut Grove Black Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

Finally starting to cool off a bit, so my taste is leaning more to the Fall flavor teas, and our Chestnut Grove is one of those. The nutty, hazelnut-like, chestnut flavor just fits what I was looking for today. Not quite holiday, but post-Summer. In the years since we’ve brought it in, it’s been a personal favorite of ours, so we keep a tin at home. It’s also garnered it’s own following among our friends. Take a look. Click HERE.

There are many reasons why our friends enjoy it. We get quite a few coffee, or former-coffee, or reformed coffee drinkers buy it, since it reminds them of hazelnut and other flavored coffees. Our tea drinkers enjoy it because of it’s very unique flavor, or they like nutty flavors and you don’t find too many teas with a nutty flavor. Serving it around the holidays and your guests will wonder where you found such a delicious tea, fitting of the holiday season.

Regardless of your reason for drinking it or for trying it, one sip and you’ll know why its popularity continues to grow. Taste for yourself. Cheers!