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Citrus Burst Iced Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

Citrus Burst 04-20-2021
Citrus Burst Iced Tea
citrus burst
Citrus Burst Herbal Tea

Citrus Burst Iced Tea


It’s warmer outside, and I have many favorite fruity Iced Teas I drink iced. Early this season I’m drinking Citrus Burst Iced Tea. It’s become very popular these last several months and no wonder why. It’s refreshing with its orangey, pineapple, with a bit of hibiscus tartness for good measure. The crimson color is compelling to the eye, and our friends know how much I love these dark, ruby color teas. They have special meaning to me. And…it tastes good. Take a look. Please click HERE.

Citrus herbal teas are always some of the most refreshing teas, especially when iced. Oranges, pineapples, grapefruits…combined with apples, peaches, apricots, berries, hibiscus and many more fruits. There are so many combinations, the possibilities are endless. Citrus Burst has the orange, pineapple and apples for the base flavor with some hibiscus for just enough tartness when added to the citrus layer provides a very satisfying cup of tea, hot or iced. And as you will read in many of our tea descriptions, a touch of sugar or other sweetener brings out more of the fruity flavors, but prepare it the way you prefer.

Citrus Burst is also a perfect fruity herbal tea to make into popsicles for a refreshing snack, or freeze into ice cubes to add to other teas or beverages for a touch of citrusy flavor.

Take a look and taste of Citrus Burst. You might find it’s just the tea you’ve been searching for this Summer, or just because you like it’s flavor hot…or iced. Cheers!