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Earl Grey – Rick’s Tea Face Queen Elizabeth Tribute 09/13/2022

QE2 Tribute
Queen Elizabeth Tribute
Earl Grey - Rick's Tea Face 09-13-2022
Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey – Rick’s Tea Face Queen Elizabeth Tribute 09/13/2022

I spoke a bit in this week’s newsletter about the passing of Queen Elizabeth, and the role England played in the drinking of tea throughout the world. This week’s Tea Face is more about her tea, a bit more about The Queen’s passing, and whatever pops into my mind. I also wanted to make the pictures a bit more fitting, so I used one of our British Bone China Tea Cup Sets and Teapots. I needed something to nibble on while writing this, so why not an English muffin and orange marmalade. The set pattern looks like Forget-Me-Nots, while seemed appropriate.

Earl Grey was Queen Elizabeth’s tea of choice. She took her own with her wherever she traveled. Earl Grey goes back to 1831, and while there are several stories and a couple legends about it’s initial blending, it’s commonly accepted that it blended at the request of Prime Minister Charles Grey, the Second Earl of Grey. It’s the bergamot orange’s citrus flavor which gives Earl Grey its distinctive flavor.

Earl Grey has also been my personal favorite tea for over 50 years, but that’s not what we drank in my family growing up. It was English Breakfast. My mother was born in England and came over when she was quite young. So, half of my upbringing was hanging around my British grandparents, heavy with their British/Scottish accents, traditional with the Sunday roast beef & Yorkshire pudding dinners….and plenty of tea and other delicious pastries. Tea was always on the table, always in the pot and even when teabags took over, tea was always present.

I was born after Elizabeth was coronated, so I only knew her as the Queen of England my entire life. My mother lived through 4 reigns, and my grandparents through 6 starting with Queen Victoria. They all became citizens, but talk of The Queen would pop up. Even as US citizens Elizabeth was still near and dear to them.

For Cheryl and myself, the British side of our families gave us the inspiration for our store design, a number of our recipes and of course the tea. Queen Elizabeth didn’t invent the tea industry, but many of our friends come into our store and reference England, The Queen’s tea preferences, High Tea, and other things British, since the link between the UK and tea is indisputable.

The passing of Queen Elizabeth means a lot to many people around the world, and for me, it’s the passing of a link between myself, my mother, my grandparents, and the stories they would tell me. This legacy continues and for our friends if you look close enough, you’ll see it in our store, our tea, our fine tea wares, some of our spice blends, recipes, and more bit & pieces to come.

I will now pour a second cuppa of Earl Grey, and finish my English muffin. Cheers, and to Queen Elizabeth, Rest in Peace.