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Fukamushi Sencha – Rick’s Tea Face

Fukamushi Japanese Sencha - Rick's Tea Face 03/08/2022
Fukamushi Sencha – Rick’s Tea Face
Fukamushi Sencha Sen Cha
Fukamushi Sencha

Fukamushi Sencha – Rick’s Tea Face

Friends, this is Fukamushi Sencha, is one of our Japanese green teas which we buy direct from a family in Japan, along with the rest of our Japanese tea selections. Japanese green tea has a grassier flavor than Chinese and other green tea, which is my preference for a plain green tea. Since I don’t use sugar in my plain green teas, I want to enjoy the flavor of the tea as grown and steamed. This allows all the flavor nuances to come through.

There is another reason why I enjoy drinking plain green teas at this time of the year. What? You want to hear why? Ok, here’s the story. Spring is my favorite season of the year. Spring is a time for renewal when the trees and flowers bud after we come out of the cold, stark, Winter months and welcome the warmer days. Tea plants, bushes and trees are no different. Most teas are plucked from only the buds and first few leaves of the branch. These young, tender leaves make the most flavorful tea, and when processed properly, the flavor of a Japanese green tea is hard to beat for me. Granted, both Cheryl and I drink more black tea than other varieties, but I like to enjoy these plain, green teas in the Spring with their fresh flavors. They seem to go along with the freshness of everything Spring.

If you’ve never tried plain green teas, you really should. You might have sipped one at an Asian restaurant. That’s a start, but with our large variety of plain Japanese and Chinese green teas, you have the opportunity to enjoy a variety from the very mild to the very robust. If you already enjoy green teas, you should check to see if you have explored all our options. It’s amazing how one plant can be grown in different areas, processed in different ways and have so many flavors and nuances come through. This is a remarkable plant with so much to learn.

If you would like more historical and other information about our Fukamushi Japanese Sencha, please click HERE.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to make another cup of Fukamushi. Cheers!