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Happy Home Animal Sanctuary

Happy Home Animal Sanctuary

Happy Home Animal Sanctuary
Happy Home Animal Sanctuary

Happy Home Animal Sanctuary is a caring non-profit we have worked with over time to help them raise funds so they can rescue, adopt, rehabilitate and provide permanent shelter to mostly dogs and cats.  They are All Volunteer, they pay for all initial Vet check-ups, shots, food, etc.

They also helped us catch a kitty in our neighborhood who was either a drop-off, or was abandoned when a family moved. In either case, the cat adopted our front yard. After seeing her through a hot Summer and feeding her so she would starve, we knew she needed caught and adopted, or risk being caught and sent off to Animal Control and well….you know the rest. She just needed a new home, a Forever Home.

In Happy Home Animal Sanctuary own words:
“Happy Home Animal Sanctuary is a no-kill, no-cage, non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned and homeless cats and dogs. We have been happily serving the Southern Nevada area since 1997. Our mission is to offer care and a peaceful living environment for abused, aged or homeless animals. We provide an open space facility where these “special needs” animals can be provided with medical care, love, and attention that will ultimately lead to their adoption. If an adoption isn’t possible, the sanctuary provides a lifetime refuge for these animals.”

Please help us help those who cannot speak for themselves. Their love is unconditional and never-ending. And even after they pass on to their rewards and wait for us on the other side of The Rainbow Bridge, they still live on in our hearts until we see them again. Thank you for your support.

For complete information and a link to their site, please click HERE.

Cheryl & Rick