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Holiday Winter Spice Black Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

Holiday Winter Spice - Rick's Tea Face
Holiday Winter Spice – Rick’s Tea Face
holiday winter spice tea
Holiday Winter Spice Tea

Holiday Winter Spice Black Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

Christmas might be over, but not really since we’re in the 12 Days of Christmas, which my English relatives celebrated many years ago. That being said, while I’m celebrating these 12 days historically, I might as well sip some of our Holiday Winter Spice Tea. We bring it in just for the Fall season so it lasts hopefully through Christmas. We still have some so I might as well enjoy a cup before we sell it out.

Not had it before? Let me tease you with it since if it sounds good, and if you hurry, we should still have some for another week or so. The spice flavors are balanced just right so no one overpowers the others. The light orangey flavor comes through nicely. The clove, cinnamon and flavors are also lighter than our other spiced teas, making it a wonderful tea to sip all day long when one cup isn’t enough. The overall flavor palate compliments holiday desserts, or just by itself which is how I’m enjoying it right now.

If you enjoy light spiced teas, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. For more information, please click HERE.

Remember though, it’s only here for the holiday season, or until it’s gone. So, if you think you still need to try it or pick up some extra, don’t wait too long, since when it’s gone, it’s gone until next year.