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Mountain Huckleberry – Rick’s Tea Face 08/09/2022

Mountain Huckleberry - Rick's Tea Face 08-09-2022
Mountain Huckleberry Tea

Mountain Huckleberry – Rick’s Tea Face 08/09/2022

What’s in my tea cup today? Well, I have to tell you since you can’t see through my cup. Let me give you a clue. It’s Mountain Huckleberry. Wait, I just told you. Oh well, I’ll be more careful next time.

As Summer continues, various berries come in, and we’re right in the middle of Huckleberry season. I like to drink berry teas during berry season, especially when I can’t buy or pick certain ones. Huckleberries are one of those. If you’ve never eaten them, they have a unique berry flavor, but once you’ve tried them, you might get hooked. Huckleberries grow in New England, Montana, Quebec, Western Canada and other areas, but not everywhere, so you usually have to find them in prepared products.

Huckleberries are used in many ways. They are used in candies, jams & jellies, ice cream, pies, muffins & other baked goods, various beverages and so many other ways. I’ve drank this Huckleberry Tea for over 20 years, so I try to keep some in my tea rotation. Still not convinced to try it? Fair enough. For more information, please click HERE. Better yet, stop by our store, check it out then give it a try. Maybe you’ll become one of our growing number of Mountain Huckleberry followers.