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Peaceful Sundown – Rick’s Tea Face 02/08/2022

Peaceful Sundown - Rick's Tea Face 02-08-2022
Peaceful Sundown – Rick’s Tea Face 02-08-2022
peaceful sundown
Peaceful Sundown

Peaceful Sundown – Rick’s Tea Face 02/08/2022

Peaceful Sundown should have been my last Comfort Tea for January, as I made my way through what is a tough month every year due to the many family and friends we have lost. And if you missed my January posts, we drink these Comfort Teas for several reasons. They mean something to us, connect us to a life event, remind us of our lost loved ones, allow us to relax while reminiscing, or some or all of the above. If you missed my other Comfort Teas, please refer back to my recent posts.

I opted to sip Peaceful this week, since February 6, was my brother Dave’s birthday. He never drank Peaceful Sundown. He was a Cherry Rose Rooibos sipper. Peaceful, as many of you know, is my go-to tea when I really need a relaxing tea. Thinking of Dave, growing up, our parents, camping “Up North” in Michigan, the memories flood back, and the tea doesn’t interfere with the flow. The smooth flavor facilitates the process. Kind of like a chant or mantra during meditation. Sometimes I’ll even have a cup of Peaceful with me when I meditate. The scent rising up is most relaxing. One of my kitties agrees and loves to poke her nose in my cup. It is such a popular tea, we hear similar stories all the time.

We blended Peaceful with Chamomile and Lavender for the relaxing properties, plus Spearmint and Rose Petals to balance out a spectacular flavor. If you’ve had the pleasure, you know what I mean. If you’ve not sipped it and enjoy herbal, mint, or relaxing teas, then you need to try it so you, too, will know what I mean. To learn more about this absolutely beautiful, please click HERE.