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A Busy Cooks Guide to Spices



A Busy Cooks Guide to Spices

A Busy Cooks Guide to Spices is more of a reference book than a cook book.  It does have some recipes, but it lists the spices that go well with each food. It also gives you a background of many spices, what they are, how to use them which foods the go with, as well as folk remedies as well as other fascinating facts.

You will find various foods and which spices and herbs go with them. Whether preparing meats, vegetables or others, you can turn to that food and see the spices that go well with it. Add new flavors just by changing the spices and herbs. That way, you create a new dish with a new dash of this, or a teaspoon of that.

We like to use this book to look up a spice or herb and learn new ways to use them in recipes. The tips on how they were used as traditional folk remedies is a plus. See, this book is a must for every kitchen and every cook.

A Busy Cooks Guide to Spices makes a wonderful gift for the cook in your life. They might be just starting out, they might be quite accomplished or they might fall someone in between. Even for yourself. Can you afford not to own a copy? This is an essential for all cooks and all kitchens.

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a busy cooks guide to spices
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