Ceramic Metallic Trim Infuser Cups




Ceramic Metallic Trim Infuser Cups

These Ceramic Metallic Trim Infuser Cups are absolutely beautiful. Reminiscent of what you might find in an India palace, or in the home of a tea estate owner, the colorful decoration, gold trim and even decorated ceramic tea infuser basket, they are almost too beautiful to use. You’ll want to have them on a display shelf when not holding a cup of your favorite tea.  You might even want to own all three as a set.

Their 15 ounce size is perfect for the tea drinker who prefers a larger cup or mug. Their colorful designs make them a great conversation piece.

They make a great gift for men and women. The feel of a larger cup is what many men and women want in a tea cup. Keep them in mind for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or just about any occasion for the tea drinker in our life.

We have 3 color schemes. One has an Orange/Gold color combination. The orange is a dark reddish orange. The second color is teal blue and silver color scheme. The third cup is what we call the Orange Handle cup. It has red, blues and greens in the color palate. They are all beautiful.

Because they have a ceramic infuser insert, you might want to consider our Perfect Cup Measuring Spoon, which will allow you to measure the proper amount of tea for a cup.  This 15 ounce cup will need 2 teaspoons of your average tea (heaping for a fluffier or chunkier tea), so 2 measures of this spoon will work nicely.  Adjust to your taste.

We only stock limited numbers of these Ceramic Metallic Trim Infuser Cups, and we might run out of a particular version before we get the chance to update our website and show it out of stock. So if you want to purchase one on our website, please check with us for stock before placing your order. If we are out of stock of the version you ordered, we will contact you to ask for your alternative version.

-Made of dishwasher safe ceramic
-Handwashing is preferred, with a mild soap
-Not for use in a microwave own
-15 ounce capacity

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