Cranberry Black Tea 25 Bag Wooden Box



Cranberry Black Tea 25 Bag Wooden Box

Cranberry Black Tea has all the saucy, sharp, crisp flavor of cranberries with a robust black tea. Full flavored and pungent with a saucy cranberry character. Another summer (or anytime) favorite that is great as a hot tea or over ice.

The cranberry is known for being an intrinsic part of holiday feasts, First used as a food by Native American Indians, a tart fruit but over time, this piquant taste was adapted to suit the palates of the consumer, and found its way into teas. The flavor of the cranberry is crisp and holds a high place in today’s health values. This tea is quite refreshing to say the least!

These teas in the wooden boxes are perfect for gift giving, or make them a gift to yourself, since we don’t carry all these flavors In our loose tea selections. We have other teas in the boxes you might want to look at. Since we tend to carry these wooden boxes during the holidays and our flavors can vary, we might not have them all in stock all year long.

We carry a selection of these Boxed teas as well as some in decorative embossed tins. We carry them mostly during the holidays, but might still have some during the year. Here are several we normally carry, but if they might be out of stock if not during the holidays. Shakespeare English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Northern Lights Strawberry Maple, and Inukshuk Blueberry Icewine.

Each wooden box contains 25 teabags.

Luxury Ingredients: Black tea, Natural flavors.

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