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Field Dandelion Porcelain Rice Grain Cups




Field Dandelion Porcelain Rice Grain Cups

Field Dandelion Porcelain Rice Grain Cups are unique and very beautiful. These tea cups have thinner walls which many tea drinkers prefer. But what is unique is that the dandelion pattern in the sides looks like clear holes you can look through. This translucent dandelion design is what is called “Rice Grain”. “Rice grain” is the technique used to create these clear designs. The decoration is made by piercing holes in the unfired cups, filled with a translucent glaze then fired.

These translucent holes allow the color of your tea or other beverage to show through. Think of how beautiful the ruby red of an herbal tea with hibiscus looks when shining through. The color of your beverage adds another visual aspect of your sipping experience.

We have 2 Dandelion designs, which we are calling Dandelion #1 and Dandelion #2. Sometimes the simple names are the best.

Since these are only the tea cups, you might consider using a Pincer Tea Ball Infuser to steep your tea in these cups.

Because of the limited number we have of each style, if you order online, we would ask that you check with us first either by calling us, emailing us or by using the “Contact Us” to make sure we have your desired style in stock. We update our website manually and we might be out of stock of particular style before we can get the stock updated on our website. If you order a style and we are out of stock, we will contact you and ask if you would like an alternative style.

Materials: Ceramic
Hand wash Only
Not Microwave Safe
Capacity: 12 oz

Additional information

Field Dandelion Porcelain Rice Grain Cups

Dandelion #1, Dandelion #2

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