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Fujian Silver Needle White Tea



Fujian Silver Needle White Tea

Our Fujian Silver Needle White Tea is from the north of the province of Fujian, where white tea was produced for the first time. Gathered for only a few days in early Spring as the tea bushes first flush, this is one of the most expensive teas available. This is due to how it is grown, plucked by hand (only the first few unopened buds), carefully wilted and handled so it is delivered to the tea drinker pretty much as it right off the bush. But since you can infuse the same leaves 4-5 times, the actual cost per cup is quite reasonable.

Fujian Silver Needle White Tea is grown at altitudes between 2600 – 3300 feet. Only the budding leaf is plucked, while the next leaves are used for other White Teas, Green, Black and other teas.

The climate and soil conditions, are optimal for this unique tea. The light, early morning fog and good afternoon sun are prime for this tea. Even having the right amount of sun to dry the fog and dew off the buds and leaves prior to plucking, contribute to optimal conditions allowing this wonderful tea to exist.

The infused tea takes on a bright, pale yellow to light rose color with a soft, fragrant bouquet and a tender, mild taste. The taste is reminiscent of apricots. White teas are never heavy as a black or even green tea, so please enjoy the subtleness.

So, please enjoy this fine Fujian Silver Needle White Tea, as an example of First Flush, Bud-only, white tea. Remember, white tea leaves can be infused 4 to 5 times, with each cup changing slightly in flavor and characteristics. Try different infusion times from as little as 30 seconds for the first steep, up to 2-4 minutes, for the next infusions.

Hot tea brewing method: Put 1 heaping tsp of loose tea for each 8 ozs of water in the teapot or cup. Pour the boiling but slightly cooled water (165-194°F) over tea. Steep 2 to 3 minutes. Milk & Sugar are not recommended.

You can infuse the same leaves 4-5 times, with each infusion in the 2-3 minute range, but not more than 4 minutes

Ingredients: White Tea

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