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Gaiwan Bowl


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Gaiwan Bowl

A Gaiwan is a Chinese bowl with a lid which is used for the infusion of tea leaves. It can also be used to consume the tea once steeped. The set consists of a bowl, a lid, and a saucer. They were invented during the Ming Dynasty.

The Gaiwan Bowl is considered by many tea aficionados to be the preferred method for brewing green, oolong and white teas. It also proves useful for these teas, since they can be infused multiple times.

When brewing tea in the Gaiwan, the lid allows the tea to be infused right in the bowl and either be drunk right from the bowl (traditionally using the lid to block the leaves for ease of consumption), or poured into another container.

Usually all three parts are held at once with both hands. The saucer is held with the fingers of the right hand while the thumb rests on the edge of the bowl. The left hand then holds the lid, which is used to keep the leaves from leaving the bowl while drinking or pouring. It can take some practice to do this, as the liquid tends to be hot. You will see many just use one hand to hold the Gaiwan, using two or three fingers to hold the hold on, while pouring the tea into small cups.

If you want to prepare tea in a very traditional Chinese manner, then you need to have a Gaiwan.

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