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Habanero Garlic Olive Oil


We don’t ship Oils and Vinegars during the extreme, hot Summer temperatures, so please don’t place any online orders. If you do, we will cancel or refund your order.  In the meantime, please stop in and purchase your Oils and Vinegars in our store. Thank you for your understanding.


Habanero Garlic Olive Oil

Habanero Garlic Olive Oil delivers the spicy heat you would expect from a habanero oil. Combined with the pungent garlic infusion and you have a winning combination for the spicy, garlic lover.

Use in spicy Asian stirfrys, or if you just want to add some heat to your sautees. Our friends love using it to sautee seafood, chicken and pork medallions.

Try a splash when you cook your vegetables. Watch it though, the habanero does add some heat.

Use as the oil base for marinades, especially chicken. With a bit of Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and you won’t have to add any more spices or herbs.

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Habanero Garlic Olive Oil