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Heaping Teaspoons Stoneware Measuring Cup Set



Heaping Teaspoons Stoneware Measuring Cup Set

The Heaping Teaspoons Stoneware Measuring Cup Set is one more part of the Heaping Teaspoons Collection. The collection features off-white ceramics, glazed with pastel accents. Some have a high glaze finish with unglazed accents. They complement any kitchen, any decor and by themselves, make a wonderful set of tea and kitchen accessories.

Not just practical for kitchen use, they also make great gifts for the cook or baker in your life. That baker or cook might be yourself.  The four Measuring Cups each have a different pastel color. Perfect for a beautiful housewarming gift. Each of the cups measures, ¼, ⅓, ½, and 1 cup in size. The ¼ cup is pastel pink. The ⅓ cup is dark blue. The ½ is light blue, and the cup is a light tan. The bowls nest in each other to store safely in your pantry.

The rest of the collection include cute Ceramic Stoneware Measuring Spoons, a Ceramic Stoneware Tea Cups, Ceramic Stoneware Teapot, Sugar & Creamer Set, and Appetizer Plates. Take a look.

But, since we only bought a limited number of the sets, so they are only available for purchase in our store. Sorry.

Materials: Ceramic Stoneware
Sizes: Various. The widest measures 4.5″ in diameter and the tallest measures 3″ H
Microwave safe
Dishwasher safe

heaping teaspoons stoneware measuring cup set
Heaping Teaspoons Stoneware Measuring Cup Set