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Heaping Teaspoons Stoneware Tea Cups


Heaping Teaspoons Stoneware Tea Cups

Heaping Teaspoons Stoneware Tea Cups are part of the Heaping Teaspoons Kitchen Collection we carry. The collection is designed by the artist Lori Siebert. Each of the 2 teacups have an inspirational saying on them. One says “Gather Joyfully” and the other says “Love Kindly. They are made of durable Ceramic Stoneware with a soft, natural, off-white glaze. The bottom edge is unglazed. They are Microwave and Dishwasher Safe.

The delicate hand-lettered text accents the front of the teacup. Each cup is the right size for a single serving of your favorite tea, coffee, seasonal or other beverage of your choice. The messages on the cups make them special when you share your time with your family and friends.

All you need is one of our Mesh Pincer Ball Tea Infusers and your favorite tea, and you’re all set to sit back, relax and sip your worries away.  And if you are a stickler about measuring your tea so you steep just the right amount every time, then you might want to check out our Perfect Cup Measuring Spoon.  It’s just the right teaspoon amount for your cup.

These Heaping Teaspoons Stoneware Tea Cups are special, but as with our other kitchen collections, we like to keep they kind of exclusive so we only order a few of each item. Because of this, they are only available for purchase in our store.

To see the other Heaping Teaspoons Collection items we carry, either stop by our store, or type “heaping teaspoons” in the Search Box on our website.

Made of stoneware
Dimensions: 3.5″ H
Microwave safe
Dishwasher safe

Additional information

Heaping Teaspoons Tea Cups

Love Kindly, Gather Joyfully

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Heaping Teaspoons Stoneware Tea Cups