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Japones Chile Pepper



Japones Chile Pepper

The Japones Chile Pepper, or Japanese Chile Pepper, (pronounced hah-poh-nehs), were originally grown in Mexico, but are now grown in many countries around the world. Japones is the Spanish word for Japanese, and is said to have been given to the pepper with is popularity in Japan. In Japan, it is known as the Santaka or Hontaka Chile Pepper. They are used in various dishes throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America and throughout Japan, China and other parts of Asia. They are interchangeable with other Asian peppers, such as the Tien Tsin and other hot Asian chiles.

The Japones Pepper is considered a Medium-Hot to Hot Pepper and can vary in heat with the year. On the Scoville Heat Unit scale, the Japones Pepper ranges anywhere from 10,000-50,000 SHU. Such a range is attributable to the location where grown and the weather during the growing season. This range compares to a Jalapeno, which is pegged around 5,000 SHU.

In Asian dishes, Japones Chiles are typically used in Asian Stir Fry recipes, like Kung Pao, where they add a spiciness to the dish. You will find them in Sichuan (Szechuan) and Hunan recipes where you need the spicy heat.

You can crush them as you would find in Italian and other cuisines where you need the spiciness of the pepper during cooking, or sprinkled on after while serving.

Use them in your Caribbean, Latin and other West Indies recipes where you want some heat, but not scorching.

Add some to your Salsa, Chutneys, BBQ Rubs, and other sauces.

The Japones is also used as an infusion chile by adding them to oils, alcoholic spirits and beverages with a citrus edge. Be careful since they will add a bite.

With all this versatility, they can be used is many recipes where you need heat and spiciness but not a not a lot of flavor. You’ll find many more ways to use them.

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