Lemon Curd


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Lemon Curd

English Lemon Curd is a traditional recipe handmade with best butter for a truly creamy with a slightly taste.  The taste will make you think you’re in London, at a pub, having a breakfast of eggs, breakfast beans, and scones with Lemon Curd and Clotted Cream.

A decadent sweet spread, delicious on fresh baked scones or simply with fresh fruit. Why not try it as a filling for sweet tarts or stir through a lemon mousse for a fresh flavored dessert.

Use it to create a luxury baked lemon cheesecake or steamed lemon sponge.

Ingredients: Butter, lemon, eggs, and sugar. 12 oz jar. Made in England. No artificial additives.

Such a great topping on scones, you should wander over to our Scone Mixes.  Our mixes are so good, warm from the oven, with a dollop of Lemon Curd or Clotted Cream, and a cup of English Breakfast Tea on the side, and you’re in heaven.  We also carry several flavors of Gluten Free and Sugar Free Scones.

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