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Loose Tea Filter Bags



Loose Tea Filter Bags

Our Loose Tea Filter Bags are perfect for loose tea lovers who are on the go and want to take their own loose tea with them. Or, if you just prefer tea bags but want to use a loose leaf tea, these are just what you need. For whatever your reason, these disposable loose tea bags are your solution. No more drinking house tea in bags which tastes like dishwater. With these empty tea filter bags, you have the convenience of tea bags, but filled with your favorite loose tea. Whether you’re just headed for a restaurant, or traveling for days, weeks or longer, you can take your tea with you.

These Loose Tea Filter Bags are so easy to use. They have a fold-over flap and a pleated bottom, so all you do is spoon a teaspoon or two of your loose tea into the bag, fold the flap over and that’s it. Put the tea bag into your cup, pour your hot water over the tea bag, let it steep, remove the bag and you have a cup of your favorite tea. If you are drinking a tea which can be steeped multiple times, these are perfect for holding the tea in the bags for your several steepings.

For our many friends who buy them for traveling, they will either pre-fill them with tea and put them in a larger reclosable bag, or they will take a pack of empty bags, along with a larger bag of one or more loose teas and fill them on the road. Our friends who use them at home will use them the same way.

They are an easy way to make cups of tea when entertaining and everyone wants a different tea, and this is much easier than brewing many different pots of tea.

If you want a fancier more fashionable way to carry your tea bags once filled, we stock Fabric Tea Wallets in many styles, in our store.  Very popular for gifts.

Try them for yourself and you’ll understand why these are so popular with our on-the-go tea drinkers.

There are 2 versions.  One is a plain bag, with 60 in a pack.  The other version has 50 in a pack and has a string attached so you can remove them easier from your cup.  The packaging might vary, since we buy the same style bag from several suppliers.

If you prefer an infuser ball, we have many.  Take a look at our Pincer Tea Balls first.  They come is several sizes for different size tea cups and tea pots.  Easy to fill, steep, empty, rinse and reuse.

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Japanese Loose Tea Bags

60 Plain Loose Tea Bags, 50 Loose Tea Bags with String

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