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Mini Ceramic Mortar & Pestle


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Mini Ceramic Mortar & Pestle

Our Mini Ceramic Mortar & Pestle is small but just as useful as our larger mortar & pestles. Whether you are crushing or grinding small quantities of spices, herbs, seed, even pills, you don’t lose your ability to quickly and efficiently get the job done. The whimsical artwork also make them a cute accessory you can leave on your shelf your counter as a display.

Mortars & Pestles have one of the longest histories of continual use as a tool. They have been traced back about 40,000 years and have been found in one form or another in virtually every civilization on Earth. They have been made from about every substance as well. Wood, bamboo, stone, marble, bone, ceramic, porcelain, terra cotta, volcanic rock and more. The most common substances to make them out of are marble, ceramic, volcanic rock and hard wood.

They are commonly used to grind or crush spices, herbs, nuts and other foods, such as cardamom pods, mustard seeds, allspice berries and so much more. They are also used to mix food together as when making guacamole. They are still used in the pharmaceutical industry to grind and mix compounds.

Ceramic versions are very popular since they don’t absorb flavors, doesn’t discolor and wash up easily. The rough interior of the mortar and the rough end of the pestle allow the spices to grind up easily and let you control how fine you grind them.

We carry other models throughout the year and while we try to keep them all on our website, we only stock a small quantity of some models and don’t always have them online. Check with us in our store or on our website for what other Mortar & Pestles we have in stock.

Made from porcelain ceramic. Handwash with mild detergent or soap is recommended.
Dimensions: 3″Dia × 1½”H

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