OmniWare Teaz Café Athena Teapot




OmniWare Teaz Café Athena Teapot

The OmniWare Teaz Café Athena Teapot is part of the OmniWare Teaz Café Collection. It has a contemporary style, with a Stainless Steel Infuser Basket, eliminating your need to steep your loose tea in the pot, then pour it through a strainer to catch the tea leaves. Once steeped, remove the infuser basket, pour your tea and rinse out the basket and you’re ready to steep another pot.

The teapot is made from stoneware, which tends to keep hot beverages hotter than other materials. The infuser is made from stainless steel. The long spout and slanted handle allows for a sleek elegant look and ease of pouring.

We also carry the Stoneware Infuser Mugs from the same Teaz collection.

-Microwave safe stoneware (remove stainless steel infuser basket first)
-Lead-free glazing
-Dishwasher safe
-30 oz for 4 or 5 cups of tea
-Stainless Steel mesh Infuser

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