Orange Zest




Orange Zest

The ultimate time saver when it comes to baking, our dried Orange Zest or Orange Peel is just as flavorful as freshly grated oranges. Our top quality granulated zest is made from the outer peel and not the pith. The orange peel is then minced and dried which captures all of the essential oils which possess that highly fragrant and potent citrus flavor.

The Zest is the part of the orange that contains the highest amount of oil which is why it is used in baking. Because the oil content is so high we recommend that you store it in jars. Orange Zest is most frequently called for in baking recipes. We are now finding it appearing more often in recipes such as marinades, vegetables, chicken, dressings, seafood and rice.

Helpful hints: To rehydrate add three parts water to one part peel and let stand for about 15 minutes. When using in its dehydrated form use 1/3 of the amount of fresh orange peel that the recipe calls for.

Contains: Orange Zest

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