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PG Tips

PG Tips is a popular British breakfast style tea. It is the top-selling brand in the UK. First blended in 1930, Brits have made it into what is almost an institution in itself. Stronger than most Indian and African teas, PG Tips uses only the highest quality and most flavorful top two leaves and bud of each tea plant It is blended from the finest Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan teas, right in the UK. to create this robust, black tea. They also use a pyramid shaped tea bags giving the tea extra space to mingle with the water while it steeps.

The result is a rich and refreshing flavor in every cuppa. Though stronger than other English Breakfast teas, it is also a very smooth tea. It holds up to milk, which is the hallmark of a good, British tea.

Brewing: Boil fresh tap or filtered water. (Distilled is missing essential minerals for a proper tasting tea.) Once brought to a boil, place your teabag into your cup or mug and pour the water over the bag, giving a bit of a stir. Steep for 4 or 5 minutes. Squeeze the bag gently against the side of your cup as you remove it. Add milk, sugar, honey or other favorite sweetener. Or drink it plain. It’s “A Proper Brew”.

For fans of other British teas, we also carry Yorkshire Gold Tea and Yorkshire Red Tea.  If you are a fan of tea in tea bags, we also carry English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast and Earl Grey.  We also periodically carry tea bags is souvenir wooden boxes and embossed metal tins.  Check our website or contact us directly and we can let you know what we might in the boxes or tins.

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