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Sheffield Spice & Tea Sausage Mix-Mild



Sheffield Spice & Tea Sausage Mix-Mild

Ever thought of making your own fresh, tasty breakfast sausage, a great sausage patty instead of a hamburger, or want to add a spicy touch to the sausage for your stuffing mix or other recipe calling for ground pork?  Then you need to try our Sheffield Spice & Tea Sausage Mix-Mild.  It will make you a hit at breakfast or anytime you serve it.  Not hot, but with just enough spiciness to make you want more.

Making your own sausage is relatively simple. Mix 2 teaspoons of the sausage mix for every pound of meat. You can used ground pork, turkey, chicken or your preferred vegetarian protein crumbles.  Form into patties and either use right away or for best flavor, make the night before and refrigerate to allow the spice flavors to mingle.

If you like your sausage a bit spicier, we also blend a Hot Sausage Mix.  It has all the flavor of the Mild, just with an extra touch of spiciness.

Contains: Sea Salt, Cayenne, Sage, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Paprika and Spices.

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Sheffield Spice & Tea Sausage Mix-Mild
Sheffield Spice & Tea Sausage Mix-Mild