Silicone Handle Tea Infuser Basket




Silicone Handle Tea Infuser Basket

A Silicone Handle Infuser Basket is a very economical way to brew tea if you want an infuser for both cups and pots. These stainless steel baskets are also good if you want your tea leaves to mingle more and not be confined to a small mesh ball.

These are also great strainers if you brew your tea loose in a pot and need a strainer to pour it through to catch the leaves. This is the way it has been done for hundreds of years.

If using as an infuser, place the infuser in the cup or pot, place your tea in the basket, pour you hot water over the tea and let it steep. Once your tea has steeped, just remove the basket with the leaves and enjoy your tea. The fine mesh basket construction will keep tea leaves and particles out of your tea. The silicone handle stays cool for easy removal. If you plan to use the leaves for multiple steepings, the infuser basket keeps your leaves together and ready for your next steep.

The Small Basket is 2.5″ in diameter and fits most small to medium size teapots and teacups. The Large Basket is 3″ in diameter for medium to larger size cups and teapots.

If you would like an easy, convenient way to add loose leaf tea to your infuser basket in the right amount, take a look at our Perfect Cup Tea Spoon and Perfect Pot Tea Spoon.  Keep them in your tea cabinet so they are always ready to help measuring your tea.

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