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Silicone Tea Infuser Tamper


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Silicone Tea Infuser Tamper

The Silicone Tea Infuser Tamper is another way to infuse your loose tea in your tea cup or tea mug in an easy, convenient way. Made from heat-resistant, 100% silicone, the tea infuser tamper is skinny enough to fit inside pretty much all cups, and tall enough to reach the bottom of even the tallest mug or café cup.

They are so easy to use. The flat bottom stand lets you set the infuser on your table while you are filling it. Just put a teaspoon of your favorite loose tea in the infuser cup, pop on the lid and your set to go. Place the infuser, (infuser cup down) in your cup, add your hot water, and set your timer. When steeped, gently push the flexible infuser down in the cup to help circulate the tea and release more of the wonderful flavors. Remove the infuser and enjoy your tea.

The silicone lid pops off so you can rinse out the infuser cup, or hand wash. The flat bottom stand lets you set the infuser tamper on your tea counter, ready to help you make your next cup of tea.

If you prefer a more traditional tea infuser, we carry quite a few styles. The most popular traditional styles are the Pincer Ball Mesh Tea Infuser, for one cup, and the 2″ Mesh Tea Ball which holds up to a tablespoon of tea for larger cups or a small teapot.

We also carry cup top infuser baskets and traditional tea strainers for straining tea if you steep your tea loose in the teapot.

Look on our website or stop into our store and check out all of our styles.

Made from 100% Silicone
Heat resistant to 465 °F
Non-porous and odor resistant
Dishwasher Safe, but we recommend hand washing with a mild soap or detergent
Measures: 7.5″ x 1.75″ x 2″


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