Tea Roadie Tea Press

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Tea Roadie Tea Press

The Tea Roadie Tea Press is a great option for the On-the-Go tea drinker. This traveler tea mug makes 16 ounces of your favorite tea. It is double-walled so it keeps your tea warm for hours.

Like a traditional French Press, you remove the plunger, add your loose tea then your hot water. Screw the top back on while the tea steeps. Once steeped, unscrew the lid and add your sweetener, honey, mike, lemon or whatever you care to add. Screw the lid back on, depress the plunger and enjoy your tea. Complete instructions are provided.

The Tea Road comes in several colors. We have limited quantities of each color, so if you are looking for a specific color, you should check with us before your place your order to make sure we have it in stock. We have to manually update our website and might show a color in-stock when we are actually out of stock.

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