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Whiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salt




Whiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salt

Whiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salt is very unique. Start with aged Teeling Irish Whiskey oak kegs. Within hours of being emptied, they are smoked to retain the subtle whiskey and oak flavors infused into the kegs. As the kegs are being smoked, Oriel Irish Mineral Sea Salt is infused with these flavors and aromas, producing a wonderful smokey salt which chefs love since they can use about 25% less than other salts without losing any flavors.

Oriel Sea Salt and minerals have been harvested along the Clogherhead coastline around the Irish Port Oriel for thousands of years. The Teeling family has been making whiskey since 1782. It is considered one of the smoothest, premium whiskeys in the world. Together, the infusion of the smokey, oak whiskey flavors into this mineral sea salt, delivers a flavor which is perfect as a finishing salt. Sprinkle on steaks, burgers, poultry, fish, pork, vegetables or anywhere you want a smooth smokey flavor. You can also use in place of the salt in your recipes for an underlying smokey flavor which is perfect when you grill or broil.

We have other smoked salts you might also want to consider. They include our Hickory Smoked Salt, Cherrywood Smoked Salt, Alderwood Smoked Salt and our Mesquite Smoked Salt.

Contains: Smoked Sea Salt

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3 oz 1/2 cup jar

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Whiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salt
Whiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salt