Zesty Jalapeno Seasoning




Zesty Jalapeno Seasoning  (Salt-Free)

If you love Jalapeno Peppers and love a spicy seasoning, then step this way. We Hand-crafted our Salt-free Zesty Jalapeno Seasoning to give you a very flavorful seasoning, combined with the spicy heat of the Jalapeno Chile.

A wonderful rub for steaks and chicken. Sprinkle on your vegetables, egg dishes, potatoes, tacos, burritos enchiladas, rice dishes and yes, popcorn.

Use as a seasoning for all your Southwest, Mexican, Latin American and South American recipes.

If you love Jalapeno seasonings, we also have our popular Jalapeno Seasoning Salt.  Great flavor and very versatile.  We also carry Jalapeno Chile Pepper Powder and Jalapeno Chile Pepper Flakes.  Want more Jalapeno?  Well, we also carry Jalapeno Olive Oil and Jalapeno Lime Olive oil.

Contains: Onion, jalapeno, green pepper, garlic, sugar, tomato and spices.

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