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Scottish Breakfast Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

Scottish Breakfast Tea - Rick's Tea Face 04-12-2022
Scottish Breakfast Tea – Rick’s Tea Face
scottish breakfast tea
Scottish Breakfast Tea

Scottish Breakfast Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

I was doing some British family genealogy over the weekend and to get and stay in the mood, I was sipping a lot of Scottish Breakfast Tea, since my mom’s family goes deep into Scotland. I can’t say if our blend is anything like my mom and grandparents tea blend they drank across the pond, but I’d like to think it is, since our blender stays true to these various regional blends.

And how does our Scottish Breakfast Tea taste, you ask? Let me tell you. Our blend has an oakey, malty flavor. It is very full bodied. It holds up to milk as well, when I’m in a very old school mood. The bright copper color reminds me of the teas I first drank with my grandmother. The best way to tell our various Breakfast teas apart from each other is to sip two of them side-by-side, so you hopefully can pick up the subtleties.

If you are still curious and would like to learn more about our Scottish Breakfast Tea, then stop by our store ad pick up a packet, or take a look on our website by clicking HERE.