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State Fair Kettle Corn – Rick’s Tea Face

State Fair Kettle Corn - Rick's Tea Face 08-18-2021
State Fair Kettle Corn – Rick’s Tea Face
state fair kettle corn tea
State Fair Kettle Corn Tea

State Fair Kettle Corn – Rick’s Tea Face

It’s still hot in many parts of the country, but it’s also the time of the year when we start drinking more Fall, Winter, Christmas and other Holiday Teas. State Fair Kettle Corn Tea is one of those teas. I’ll be reviewing more of these other teas in coming weeks. Today, Kettle Corn is my tea. The flavor is as you would expect it. It has the same, caramely, corny flavor you find in a bag of Kettle Corn. Add a touch of sweetener to get even more of that caramelized flavor. Still curious? To read even more information, please click HERE.

In the years since we got hooked on State Fair Kettle Corn Tea, it has become our most interesting black tea, because one doesn’t expect to taste and smell kettle corn in your tea cup. It has also developed its own following. We hear many reasons why our friends try it and like it. Some reasons are just because they like kettle corn. Others go further and talk about State or County Fairs where they first enjoyed it. Sporting events is another major reason we hear.

Fall University of Michigan football at “The Big House” in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is my reason. As some of you have heard, my brother, Dave, and I would go to Michigan football games. Heading back to our car, we would buy several bags of Kettle Corn. Once to eat walking back to the car and one to eat on the road. Might even buy a third bag to take home.

Have I piqued your interest yet? Our friends who have already tried it will tell you how crazy the flavor of State Fair Kettle Corn Tea is and what thoughts or memories are brought back when they sip it. Besides thinking of my brother, I just like the flavor since I love Kettle Corn and the tea has that flavor. Ready to try it yet? Sure you are. Stop in and check it out, even out of curiosity. You just might yourself walking out with a packet. Be careful though. You might be back sooner than you expect and buy a larger bag. You’ll have to excuse me since my cup is empty and I need another one. Cheers!