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Strawberry Tart Iced – Rick’s Tea Face

Strawberry Tart Iced- Rick's Tea Face
Strawberry Tart Iced- Rick’s Tea Face
strawberry tart
Strawberry Tart

Strawberry Tart Iced – Rick’s Tea Face

Strawberry Tart Iced Tea is my latest frozen slushed tea. With the outside temps here in Las Vegas 100+ degrees, I like my iced tea as cold as I can get it, so I’ll freeze it into a slush. The huge strawberry flavor is great hot, but even better iced. I love the ruby red color as well. Take a look for yourself.  Please click HERE.

Strawberry Tart Tea is one our fruit-based herbal teas. They all have their own characteristics, and Strawberry Tart is known for it’s great strawberry flavor, but also because it has a good amount of elderberries in its base. Elderberries have many healthy properties, including used for respiratory conditions. But we drink it because it tastes good.

Some of our friends freeze our fruity herbal teas into ice cubes so they can add them to other teas or beverages to add a nice fruity flavor as they melt. Some will also add a bit of Strawberry Tart to other herbal teas to give them a hint of strawberry flavor.

There is still plenty of time to round out your Summer tea shelf, but why wait. If you like fruity teas, whether herbal, black, green or others, Strawberry Tart is looking for you and you won’t get away. Stop in or pick up some online. The flavor is that good. Cheers!