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Tahitian Breeze Black Tea – Rick’s Tea Face 05/31/2022

Tahitian Breeze Iced Tea - Rick's Tea Face 05-31-2022
Tahitian Breeze Iced Tea – Rick’s Tea Face
tahitian breeze
Tahitian Breeze

Tahitian Breeze Black Tea – Rick’s Tea Face 05/31/2022

I wanted a tea this week which I could sip hot, then ice down when the temperature rose. That’s why I’m sipping our Tahitian Breeze Black Tea. We blended it for a good tropical flavor both hot and iced. This is one of our top-selling, fruity black teas all year, but when the weather gets hot we sell even more. Fruit flavors and hot weather go together well, and with so many of our friends like their iced tea black, add a full, tropical flavor and you have the best of all worlds.

If this sounds like a tea you could add to your Summer Iced Tea list, or keep some in your tea pantry to sip hot, then please take a look for yourself and click HERE.

Since you’ll need an infuser with which to steep your tea, we have a good selection of infusers.  The easiest ones to use are our Mesh Pincer Ball Tea Infusers, which come in several sizes.  To check them out, pleas click HERE.