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2 Inch Mesh Ball Tea Infusers



2 Inch Mesh Ball Tea Infusers

These 2 Inch Mesh Ball Tea Infusers are large enough to make from 1 cup of tea, up to about 24 ounces or a 3 cup pot.  For tea drinkers want a high quality infuser but without a fob on the end of the chain, this is the one for you.  You can always add your own fob onto the chain to personalize it.

We use this infuser when we have a larger tea cup or mug in the 12 to 20 ounce range.  We also like using this infuser with “fluffier” herbal teas when we need a heaping teaspoon and the standard pincer ball tea infuser would be too full with a heaping teaspoon.  Most of our customer own one or more of both the pincer ball infuser, and this larger 2 inch mesh ball tea infuser, so they have the right infuser for the right tea and size of tea cup or teapot.

Our 2 Inch Mesh Ball Tea Infusers are made from 18/8 Grade Stainless Steel.  18/8 Grade Stainless Steel, is used in the highest quality food grade cutlery and other kitchen equipment. You can attached a fob onto the end of the chain making it harder for the chain doesn’t fall into your tea. We offer several other collections of Tea Infusers and many choices within each collection so that you can personalize your tea experience. Tea should be fun.

If you want a single cup tea infuser, we also carry the 1 ½” Pincer Ball Tea Infuser.  Perfect for one 6-8 ounce cup. It is easy to fill and clean.  We also carry a larger  2 1/2″ Pincer Tea Infuser, which is used for very large cups, and larger quantities of tea. And if you are looking for an infuser you can use for large pitchers of tea, we carry a 3″ Mesh Infuser Tea Ball.

We also have many other tea infusers with cute fobs on the chains, or sit on top of your cup, or others which are strainers.  Most are on our website, but some are only in our store.  Take a look around our website, or stop into our store.  We are always changing up our accessory line up to as new designs are available.

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2 inch mesh ball tea infusers
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