Fish, Shrimp and Other Seafood

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creole remoulade sauce

Creole Remoulade Sauce

Creole Remoulade Sauce Remoulade Sauce has it’s roots in France. The original isn’t spicy and is how it is still made there. When the French brought it to Louisiana, and to New Orleans specifically, spiciness was added with hot peppers and hot sauce. A new standard was born which has put Remoulade on the global […]

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Baked Whitefish Provencal

Baked Whitefish Provencal Baked Whitefish Provencal is a wonderfully savory dish. Most cooks think of roasted chicken or pork roasts when using Herbs de Provence in the French kitchen, but they are also used in many seafood recipes in France. The rosemary, summer savory and thyme work especially well with chicken, pork and seafood. This […]

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