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Sheffield Spice & Tea Co
Sheffield Spice & Tea Co

About Sheffield Spice & Tea Co.

We’re a premier purveyor of Exotic Spices & Spice Blends, Luxury Teas, Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars, Select Specialty Gourmet Foods and all the accessories to make your Spice and Tea experience the finest anywhere.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have grown Sheffield Spice & Tea Co. from one store, into a global Internet presence, with followers around the world. With over 3000 unique items and growing, we are always creating new Spice & Tea Blends, and scouring the world markets to bring you a unique mix of standard and exotic items.

We hand-craft all of our own spice blends and some of our teas in small batches from our own recipes. The popularity of our teas and spice blends have grown to the point that we will have visitors from around the country and the world, seek out our store when in Las Vegas. Maybe they received it as a gift, or maybe they had it at a friend’s or relative’s house. We have become a tourist destination. We have also become popular with local and world entertainers who must have specific teas when in town performing.

Crafting spice blends take time. We might make a dozen or more versions before we have the flavor, look and texture we are after. Then and only then do we try it in the recipe or on the food for which we have created it. Many of our spice blends are crafted to be used on a variety of meats, vegetables, vegetarian and vegan foods. So even after we have found the right combination of spices and herbs, we still might go back and tweak the blend further. Once we release it, we might offer it as part of our weekly promotional sample program so we can have hundreds of friends (we refer to our customers as our friends, since they are), try it right away and see what they think.

The same creation process goes for our teas, except we only craft about 12-15 teas ourselves. Those we do craft ourselves are some our most popular teas. The other teas we carry are blended for us by the large, international tea houses from around the world. We also buy some teas direct from the tea gardens which allow us to work directly with the families who have grown, harvested and processed tea in their families for hundreds of years. It also allows us to pass on lower prices by buying direct from the families.

We always have a number of spice and tea blends in various stages of development so we can have new flavors to bring to you throughout the year. If you subscribe to our E-mail Newsletter, you will get first notification of when they are released.

You also need to look at our recipes. We post at least one new recipe every week. What good is buying spices or a new blend if you don’t know how to use them, or maybe you’re looking for a new recipe for a familiar spice. We have many family recipes we grew up with, updated for new spices and blends. We also are adding recipes from regions around the country and other countries. You might even find a recipe you remember from growing up.

Check back with our website frequently. You never know what new and exciting experiences you’ll find.

While in Las Vegas, please stop by our store and experience all of our wonderful Spices & Teas in person. We love to meet our customers who have become our friends.

Cheryl & Richard Sheffield