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Blackbird Pie Bird Pie Funnel


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Blackbird Pie Bird Pie Funnel

A Blackbird Pie Bird Pie Funnel is an attractive, handy, decorative and practical pie baking accessory. They are a must have in any baker’s kitchen! A Pie Funnel is not just a great way to decorate your pie crusts, they are designed to release steam to prevent pie filling from boiling up and bubbling through the crust. Also, by releasing the steam, they also help to keep your bottom crust from getting soggy. The traditional Blackbird is made of ceramic.

A Pie Bird Pie Funnel is easy to use to vent double crusted pies. Simply place the bird in the center of pie and place filling and pastry top surrounding it.

We use these ourselves when baking pies and find that they really work. A throwback to what our parents and grandparents used in the kitchen for over 100 years, we’re finding many “old school” baking and cooking tips lost over the years. So when we saw Pie Bird Pie Funnels while in England, we knew we needed them to fit into our British-inspired Spice & Tea Store. So, we looked around and have offered several versions over the years.

Not only are they a nostalgic, throwback to what our parents and grandparents used to bake a better pie, but your guests will ask how you got your pies to turn out so good.

We don’t sell pies, but we do carry a very delicious and easy to make, line of Scone Mixes. and Lemon Curd to top them with, or to use as a pie or tart filling.

Made of oven safe ceramic. Hand washing recommended.
Measures: 3.5″ x 1.75″ x 1.75″

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