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Character Mesh Tea Infusers


We have many more styles in our store than what we show on this page, like teapots, tea cups, cute animals, flowers and any others. Please stop in to check them out.

We manually update our stock on our website and might be out of a style before we have had a chance to update the web page, so you might want to contact us before ordering just to make sure we have If you order one of these styles. If we are temporarily out of stock, we will contact you and see if you would like another style.


Character Mesh Tea Infusers

Our Character Mesh Tea Infusers have always been popular. Just look at them. Who can turn down a Rubber Duck, Lucky Cat or the cute Giraffe.

These 2″ 18/8 Stainless Steel Tea Balls have a cute poly resin character fob to keep the chain from falling into your cup. They also watch over your tea as it steeps. The infuser holds a generous amount of loose tea so you can make anywhere from a standard 8 ounce cup, up to about 20-24 ounces, or even a small teapot, depending on how strong you like your tea. Just be sure not to fill the infuser more than half way, so your tea has room to expand.

The styles change as we get new ones and others are retired. Many of our friends collect them, and have specific ones to match a tea, a season, a mood, or just because they collect them. We have many more styles in our store than what we show on this page.

If you are looking for a pincer style infuser, we have 3 sizes, from a single cup, to a larger cup, to a large pincer for a pot or pitcher. To look a our Pincer Ball Tea Infusers, please click HERE.

We also have other mesh tea ball infusers, infuser baskets, and of course, tea pots. We’re sure we can help you find the right method for you to make your perfect cup pot pot of tea. Check out our complete line of infusers and strainers, by clicking HERE.

Materials: 18/8 Stainless Steel & Poly Resin
Hand wash only.

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Character Mesh Tea Infusers

Rubber Ducky, Lucky Cat, Giraffe

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