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Dragon 4 Flowers Flowering Tea



Dragon 4 Flowers Flowering Tea

Dragon 4 Flowers Flowering Tea , also known as a Blooming Tea, has 4 flowers sewn together to provide a visual display with a very light flavor.  It has light Lavender notes winding their way through a floral bouquet.  In addition to the 3 central flowers, a fourth provides a spike-like center flower.

In ancient China, dragons were thought to be an exceptionally ostentatious creature. Their physical form was commonly depicted as incorporating characteristics of many different animals, all of which were considered sacred. They had the body of a snake, the scales of a fish, the antlers of a stag, the face of a camel, eagle’s talons, ears of a bull, feet of a tiger, and the eyes of a demon. By harnessing the power of all these animals together, dragons were able to perform an unlimited range of magical feats. Among the many different types of dragons – each had their particular specialty – some could disguise themselves as silkworms, others could become as large as the universe, fly in the clouds or turn into water. One variety of dragon in particular was considered very special, the Fucanglong, dragons that guarded treasure. The Fucanglong lived in the underworld and were said to protect treasures both man-made and otherwise. The treasure could be gold, jewels, state secrets, magical potions and everything in between. They were so powerful it was said that when volcanoes erupted, it was the Fucanglong bursting forth from the center of the earth to report to heaven on the status of their holdings.

Chinese tea legend has it that at some point during the early part of the last century, (the exact date is no longer known), a tea artisan from Fujian province was visited in a dream by a Fucanglong dragon. The dragon told him to craft a tea that represented his protective powers. If he did so the artisan would achieve great success and grow wealthy. The tea he created used the petals of 4 flowers, wrapped up inside full leaves of fresh green tea. The leaf depicted the dragon’s scaly skin while the flowers represented his treasure. The Artisan took the tea to market and true to the dragon’s word he had a hit on his hands and quickly sold out of all the tea he had created.

Brew a pot for yourself and you’ll quickly discover why the first batch of Dragon 4 Flower sold out so quickly. On the nose the infused tea is a delight, hinting of a Fujian garden in the springtime. The cup displays delicate, exceptionally fresh hints of grassiness that intertwine with the intricate mélange of the four flowers. On top of it all, the tea is a visual spectacle, not unlike a dragon bursting forth from a volcano! It is truly a cup to behold. Long live the Fucanglong!

To prepare, place 1 Dragon 4 Flowers Flowering Tea artisan in your teapot and add water that is roughly 194’F. Infuse until the Artisan is fully open, usually about 5 minutes. Watch the leaves unfurl to reveal the hidden flower treasure.  You can infuse Dragon 4 Flowers 2 or 3 times, until the flavors subside and disappear.

After you are done infusing the tea the maximum times, carefully pour off any remaining water, fill the teapot with cool, fresh water, pour about a teaspoon of white vinegar in the pot and enjoy looking at your fully-bloomed Dragon 4 Flowers for several more days.  Some last up to about a week.

We also carry Peach Fairies Flowering Tea.

Contains: Green tea, Amaranth , Jasmine, Chrysanthemum and Lavender blossoms.

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