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Magnifying Glasses




Magnifying Glasses

Magnifying Glasses have been around as long as people have been needing to look at very small objects. Historical records show the use of magnifying glasses in some form for several thousand years. Early versions used glass globes filled with water to magnify small objects and writing. They were also used to cauterize wounds, much as we do with them to focus sunlight into a searing pinpoint.

Over the years, they were not just practical tools, but magnifying glasses became art objects and collected and prized for their workmanship. The handles were made from ivory, wood, bone, horn, stone and just about any other material which could be fashioned into a handle. They were carved into intricate patterns, painted, and adorned with jewels and in every way imaginable. The lenses were made from glass, but also clear quartz and other clear minerals. You can find them in museums around the world.

We’re sure your family probably had one or more over the generations, using them to look at coins, stamps, fine print, or maybe to remove a splinter. That brings us to the ones we have brought into our store.

We saw a collection of magnifying glasses with hand-carved handles made from bone, wood, horn and other materials. They had several sizes from 2 ½” diameter lenses, up to 4″. We only have a couple of each, and being handmade from natural materials they each look a bit different.

How many times you have trouble reading a label, fine print, or just need help looking at a small object and your glasses won’t do. That’s why we thought these would make both practical and collectible objects.

They make great gifts for just about anyone. Keep in your kitchen, in your office, or even in a curio cabinet when not in use, because they are like little art objects.

Because of the limited number we have of each style, if you order online, we would ask that you check with us first either by calling us, emailing us or by using the “Contact Us” to make sure we have your desired style in stock. We update our website manually and we might be out of stock of particular style before we can get the stock updated on our website. If you order a style and we are out of stock, we will contact you and ask if you would like an alternative style.

Materials: Lenses made of glass. Handles made from bone, horn, wood.
Sizes: Lenses vary from 2 ½” to 4″. Overall approximate lengths vary from 5″ to 9″.
Hand-Carved in India

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Magnifying Glasses

Lathed Ivory Handle, Lathed Ivory Handle Black Stripes, Black Handle Green Mist, Tawny with Gold Wrap, Tawny with Tree, Brown with Black Rings, Ivory Carved, Tawny with Silver Bands, Tawny with Carved Twist, Gold Trim with Black Stripes, Gold Trim with Tawny Patchwork, Brown with Carved Bands, Studded, Horn, Ivory Patchwork, Medium Horn, Mini Horn, Carved Bone, Brown Ivory Combo, French Ivory, Horn Tusk

magnifying glass carved horn spiral
Magnifying Glasses